Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank God it's Monday? Or not...

This weekend was crazy, I was almost looking forward to Monday but now that Monday is here, I am rethinking that philospohy completely!!!

It all started Friday, I had just gotten off work and stopped to check the mail at our apartment. Well when I got back in my car and tried to start it- Nothing happened. It was completely dead. So I got out and opened the hood (Yeah, like I would know what to do even if I could tell what was wrong...) and I saw that my battery had all kinds of corrosion on it, and that the corrosion had eaten though the battery cable completely. Now- In my defense I had already gotten the corrosion cleaned off once but it was apparently a cheap battery and leaking lots of battery acid. Sooooo- I called Frank who had just gotten off of work and he got there a few minutes later. I showed him what happened and then we decided to push the car to a car place at the bottom of the hill we live on.

Now things get fun because you see, to get to the bottom of the hill- Frank and some other Soldier who said he'd help us had to push the car UP the hill. Anyways, got the dumb thing fixed.

The rest of the weekend just flew by as I spent hours scrubbing the rings out of the toilet bowls in our apartment... And alas, now it is Monday. And my life is insane! Too much to do by myself and not enough guys to help me... AUGH!!! More to follow......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh me!

TGIF!!! Seriously!

Not too much going on today. My whole job situation is still up in the air ( Just where I'll be going, I'm not really changing jobs...) Franky boy and I seem to share the same problem- we have tons of jobs thrown at us constantly. His offers are way cooler than mine though. Stupid Army.

Anyways, moving on! My knees are killing me from running 5 miles this morning at a painfully slow pace. I'm only 23 but I swear my body is gonna start giving out in a few more years.

I read other peoples blogs and they share all kinds of insightful and philosophical thoughts and ideas... I don't know if I'm just too shallow to dabble in that stuff or if I just don't have enough time to ponder those issues. I do have time to think sometimes, but it is usually due to other peoples stupidity and I am simple trying to imagine what their thought process consisted of before they pulled whatever ridiculous stunt I just witnessed. I guess I just tend to notice the stranger, more ironic things in life.

Anyways, There is now lots of drama at the office that I can't talk about so I need to go get some work done (aka eavesdrop) Talk to you soon, have a great weekend! Always,
Mrz Butt

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The birth of a new blog!

After realizing that my whole family practically had blogs, I figured I would start one for myself and my husband, Frank. Now I don't know if he'll ever write anything on here but the opportunity will certainly be afforded to him.

I am unsure what I will consistently have to blog about at this point. I don't have any kids to post cute pics of... But I do have a great husband and an awesome pooch! I guess I can post pics of them and tell of all our great adventures. Ha, if you only knew. If all else fails, I can bitch about my job. That's a never ending blog in itself.

So a little about us! We just recently got married and are cruisin' right along with the whole life, love and marriage thing. We are seriously the strangest couple ever but it works so great that we don't even care. We are in the beginning phases of planning to think about possibly buying a house which is exciting! I am about to deploy though so, hey it gives us time to save!

I have the bestest husband in the whole world yet at the same time I can't help but laugh and shake my head. He's such a trip but he's completely wonderful. He supports me in everything, deals with my tendencies to panic/stress over just about anything- and keeps me smiling the whole way. He's my sweetie and one of the most....unique... people I have ever met. Yep, my world has been a pretty fabulous place since I met him. I'm lucky. He's not too down on his lucky either- managing to find a lil lady such as myself. Hehe...We won't go there. I'm good to him, end of story (Regardless of what he says...........)

I have a dog- a pug named Gizmo- but he doesn't live with me right now. But believe me that won't stop me from posting pics of him!!!

Anyways, future blogs hopefully won't be so boring but hey- I had to start off with something! Welcome to our life! Always,
The Butts